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Going to K. Russo to have a photo shoot was one of the most wonderful exsperiences I have ever had. It was fun and easy the outcome of the photos was breath taking. My career requires a portrait photo that must be professional yet inviting, Katie is a natural and thats exactly how the picture came out.. so natural and soft. Her skills are way beyond the camera, her ability to allow me to feel comfortable with her and the camera was like something I'v never felt before. Highly! Highly! recommend You & me Photography! I now have an amazing phographer to do business with and a life long friend!♥
Thank you,

-Brittany McCann

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The time I had with Katie was a gift- an experience every woman should have and one I won't forget. I had a blast- she made me feel comfortable and relaxed and most importantly, I got out of my comfort zone and was rewarded by feeling strong, confident, and beautiful. I can't wait to do it again!


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Katrina listened to my wants for the photography session. She wanted to know my personal story and which story about myself I was wishing to translate through the photos. She was warm and welcoming not only during the photo shoot, but also during the meeting weeks beforehand, and the meeting where I got to view our work. I respect her as an artist and also as a person. I was comfortable sharing with her my personal truths, my insecurities and my accomplishments. The more she knew about me, the more she was able to capture with her lens. The photos are beautiful. I will never look like this, be this age, be at this mental and emotional point in my life- ever again. Doing this photo session was a testament to how far I've come and it is definitely a shoot I will want to look back on as I age.

-Kay Em Glee