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Early Spring playdate.

How did she know she was exactly what I needed this dreary February stretch?? After all these years in New England I still haven't figured a way to self soothe in these grey moments of late Winter, crazy right?! It is absolutely amazing to me how cunning the mind can be and how quickly I can fall into a place of lonely and discouraged- this may sound a bit sad but truthfully I write this little ditty today with a grateful heart because I am now able to recognize this goofy behavior and I have the tools to heal it.  I am so blessed to have this lens to view such beauty, to remind me of the great gifts I have been given, and how lucky am I that Miss Ashley was in town for just a few days; a day that my heart was screaming for- a warm sunrise session, some good ol' fashion dress-up and some much needed conversation!

**Those brown sugar freckles, those beautiful doe eyes and that sincere, kissable smile... thanks girl, miss you already. xo