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Intimate tub talks; lemons

April's inspiration; Miss Lauren, the refreshing tartness of lemons paired with a deep purple fizz to to celebrate a long anticipated Spring

I am really excited to have embarked upon this "fruitful" journey alongside Miss Lauren as we play around with a variety of uplifting colors and scents in the soothing waters of her tub.  It is so interesting to me how easy it is to get caught up in the stressors of daily life and how immensely exhausted I can become when I am on the praverbial hamster wheel.  These bath sessions are such a beautiful way to unwind and to play allowing our bodies to melt into the soothing smells and textures of the warm water and soft flower petals.  The lush yellow velvet of her Solstice Intimate underroos were such a refreshing compliment to her joyful smile as we chatted and giggled in the tub this warm and sunny late April evening.  I think Lauren would agree that this playdate was just the necessary refresher needed after a long cold winter and I am just giddy thinking about the exciting months to come as we begin conceptualizing our next fruit and flower bath. So getting the water running and the loving conversations flowing as soon as you can. xo