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GIRLS JUST WANNA HAVE FUN:Lularoe fashion shoot at The Chetstone Property

 I am so pleased with this recent collaboration with such an amazing woman, fellow business owner, and friend, Crystal Gallo.  I often speak about the importance of women supporting one another along their passion journeys- this woman is so driven and I felt inspired from the moment we met- I knew this relationship would grow to be something special!

We chat regularly about what it means to be a "woman" after starting a family, deciding to become an entrepreneur, and just how we can fit all these pieces of the puzzle together whilst reclaiming ownership of our sensuality; understanding that this is just as important as mothering, wife-ing and all the other good shit:) I am drawn to Crystal's dedication to her family and her business and hope that her message, along with her gorgeous fashion sense can help other mamas to feed their passions AND feel sensational while doing so!!

"....as fas as working with you-GENIUS!  Working with other creative women is super important to me because it is an outlet.  An outlet to share ideas and be heard, a safe place to come together." ~ Crystal

A special thanks to these super talented artists as well; Kristy Joyce, hair magician and Emily McNulty, makeup artist.   Thank you, Ian Christmann for this gemstone of a property, The Chetstone



"Don't let anyone ever tell you that you can't have it all, that you can't be it all. YOU CAN. I've learned A LOT about myself in the past year. I am a strong confident woman, but not every day, not in every moment.  We all have a weakness.  Let me tell you, I never would have struck a pose like this at what would have been considered "my prime"- pre-kids, early 20s, but here I am, after 2 kids almost 33 years old & posting it for your eyes in what I consider to be a safe place.  Lularoe does that, makes you feel pretty damn well..pretty.  Lularoe has taught me I can be a mom, a wife, a business owner, daughter, friend& a sexy confident woman.  I can be ME- every part of ME.  I urge each & every one of you ladies to be YOU, every part of YOU.  Don't let anyone label you, there are so many parts to you, let each one shine bright." ~Crystal Gallo, Lularoe retailer, model, all around GODDESS