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Westmoreland; a land of love & adventure

8.19.17     Popcorn. whiskey. lace and SURPRISES.... you couldn't ask for a more story book day for the union of two beautiful souls!  This wedding was one of daydreams and lots and lots of shenanigans:) I was so delighted when Krysta shared her wedding surprise with me and I had been counting the days until this beautiful love story was to take place; I feel so honored to have witnessed such joy and love amongst this awesome group of people.  The simplicity and playful nature of this lakeside celebration had me like... the boho braid woven by the bride's sister into her golden locks along with her perfect fitting lace slip dress, Gary looking pretty sharp in his crisp white linen shirt and best of all...bare feet all along this perfectly manicured lawn:)  the bar was a steady gathering spot while the pig roasted slowly into the golden hour of the day's light and the sweet Maria officiated the nuptials..this was a fairytale of sorts and the tender emotion amongst the group filled my heart.  The bride's father's bright smile adorned her vibrant floral bouquet and her mother's response to her presence was so pure and beautiful!  This dreamy day was wrapped up with some sweet dance moves, trumped only by the warm glowing paper lanterns that departed into the night's sky carrying the memories of the souls that left this soil for their next adventures...can we just talk about Krysta's more than adorable shy giggles in the company of her handsome lover on that magical dock leaving no dry eye on the lake's shore.

Thank you Westmoreland clan for allowing me to partake in this very special day.  

To your many adventures ahead, cheers.  xo