Let's explore.


perfectly imperfect.

How easy it is to believe others' strengths and to cheer on those around you but gosh darn it I can talk myself out of a good, scary venture pretty quickly!  I have not blogged since October because I question the heck out of my "content", is it the right thing at the right time, is it captivating?  I will work on it next week....yes then I will have a bit more experience under my belt, indeed I will get knocked over the head with the "best concept" for a witty write up....I will be someone new: seriously Katie?! Well this is it, this is me, this is what I love, my little boy and some water.  To heck with the pricey equipment and planning... to heck with stalling because the fear of failure cripples me and my art on  a regular basis.....here is a freaking awesome series of fantastic underwater play that yes I LOVE and cannot wait to do more of ....Screw you fear.... ME 1, YOU 0- in your face :) :)  xo Katie