Let's explore.


blogging....ugh...okay, here goes nothing!

Revive your light.  Manifest your dreams.  Realize your worth.  

I have lost count of how many beautifully, inspiring blurbs I have "screenshotted" with my phone as a way to remind myself of how much I want to deeply care about my current state, or lack there of, of motivation to my journey- HA!!!  You see, the funny thing is.... I REALLY do give a shit- like a huge shit.  I think most of us are just trying to do the best we can and in many ways it never seems enough, so we search feverishly for ways to prove to ourselves, and ultimately the Facebook world full of strangers, how dedicated we are to all that we love and and wish to love (i.e. my family, my career, and my relationships, etc, etc..).  

In all honesty, I am deathly scared and totally stoked to start out on this journey of sharing and storytelling because this is what sincerely moves me and I hope that you will join me and find something amongst these babbles that motivates your process as well!!  This is me, this is my craft and I look forward to hanging out with you!  - I promise you way cooler images to come:)

 and...... GO!!!

and...... GO!!!

top image: Peter Glass Photography